Get Hired with the Recruitment Coach!

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THIS workshop is open to Aston University Students ONLY. Limited places available.

Time: 2pm - 4.30 pm
Dates: 20th & 21st April 2016
Location: Aston Students' Union
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I’m so excited to be running these life-changing workshops for students. I will be visiting more establishments & running more courses. I can't wait to meet everyone. The future's going to be different!

"Get Hired with the Recruitment Coach" - Here's the logic!!

Why graduate recruitment coaching?

For years, as an Executive Search Consultant for Cool Global Brands like Coke, L'Oreal TopShop, Puma & Disney I've had students & parents of students desperately asking me for help & tips with CVs & interview advice.
Always last-minute & often last-ditch despairing requests.

My thoughts were - why wait till you are on your knees with anxiety, till finals & application deadlines are looming & all the good roles have vanished prepare your approach?

Something for nothing doesn't usually work!

It may seem very 'un-English', but investing money & actually paying for serious recruitment advice for CVs & interviews is wise, not wasteful. It's going to bag you your biggest life-time revenue stream - a monthly wage & a career. Recruiters won't sort out your CV for free - but they have the right of veto when they short-list.

It must be wiser & smarter to invest in yourself (or your child) than a night out!!

Our expertise

Hutton House Recruitment has 25 years of experience in recruiting senior managers for demanding global brands.
They scrutinise many of the best 'experienced' CVs in the UK and have 'retained' end-to-end expertise in selecting top candidates. They know what top companies want.

Who better to give undergrads & grads solid, commercial advice from the tough world of recruitment for major organisations? They bring first-hand, day-to-day knowledge of what it takes to make it in ruthlessly competitive job-hunt situations. No corporate soft soap, no HR: just coal-face advice & smart guidance about how to get the job with the right kind of CV & interview technique. They won't just tell you how to draft a CV that you can post. They’ll show how to plan an approach that gets you past the bin & hopefully, into the Human Resources 'A' pile or 'Maybe' pile. It's the next level up in selection. Then they'll show you how to impress & be truly memorable at interview - especially if you can’t boast a 'First' or great grades.
Supercharge your job-hunt. Attend one of our workshops or ask us about tuition.