The Personal Best Programme - Career & Interview Coaching

- Analyse and understand your ‘personal brand’ – your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and ambitions

- Understand how to ‘position’ yourself to land a dream job or the next big promotion

- Get a stand-out CV that’s tailor-made to get you noticed by the super-cool companies

- Learn the interview strategies that really sell your talents to the brands everyone wants to work for

It goes without saying that it’s getting harder and harder to get a job with a cool brand. And the cooler the brand, the more people want to work there. They get more applications, they get more high quality applications. And these days they get applications from people who are prepared to take a pay-cut just to get in the door.

That’s why I’ve launched The PERSONAL BEST PROGRAMME.

It’s a made-to-measure career counselling service, specifically designed to give you the best possible chance to achieve the career move – or promotion – that’s right for you. Whether you’ve been working for three years or thirty.
It's available to anyone, from any industry.

The first part of your made-to-measure PBP is all about investigating your achievements, motivations, your desires, your aspirations and talents. And then positioning your expertise and experience in a way that will land you the jobs you were born to succeed in.

It’s about making yourself stand out from the crowd when you apply to the super-cool companies that you ‘d love to work in.

We get you a killer CV to make sure you’re the one that gets noticed amongst all the others who may have identical experience and skills to yours.

And we coach you in the smartest interview techniques that will ensure you put your very best forward every time you sit down to face the dreaded interview situation.

Think of PBP as your short cut to creating your personal ‘mini-brand’. With the job market in cool companies more cut-throat than ever before, you need to make sure you’re Kelloggs Cornflakes, not Tesco own-label. So you stand out, you’re memorable, you’re the one the customer picks off the packed supermarket shelf first.


The PBP is a one-to-one programme, suitable for all levels of experience from new graduate to senior manager.

Here's the basic 3-step structure:


  • With me, in London face-to-face, or via Skype

  • Interview Time: 2 hours

  • I’ll objectively look at the issues you face in your present company and come up with job moves which may avoid them or solve them.

  • We’ll consider your passions & preferences to see how you can become personally fulfilled at work.

  • I’ll help you decide what you really want to do.

  • I’ll help you recognise “what time of your life” you’ve reached

  • We’ll talk through the industries & brands you admire, work environments that would motivate you.

  • Our conversation will help you step beyond the institutionalization that many of my clients experience…we’ll broaden your horizons of what’s possible

  • We’ll analyse which companies are the best ‘fit’ for your talents and personality.

  • Based on your current CV, I’ll give you a rigorous grilling, to understand your experience and identify the points you need to emphasise more.

  • I ask for a job description that is typical of the ones you’d like to move to. This helps focus our conversations and directs our CV analyses and rework.

  • I’ll write a full analysis of how your CV should be re-written. I’ll highlight how to make your experience relevant to the type of roles you’re targeting and point out incompatibilities that just don’t cut the mustard.

  • We’ll develop a focused plan of action to move forward with.


  • I will rethink & distill your career into an amended & improved CV, based on your original version.

  • We use your input to pull together Draft 1. After all - you know the facts! Then I deal with full re-write & optimisation. Draft 2 is mailed to you 7 days later for approval.

  • Your new CV will place the focus on selling your most relevant talents and experience to your prospective employer, incorporating all the learnings from our in-depth interview

  • We’ll highlight the skills that can migrate with you to a new employer, brand category or industry. I’ll teach you how to ‘sell’ them to a Hiring Manager who’s ‘buying’.

  • We’ll translate your CV vocabulary into action-oriented language that highlights precisely what you can bring to the company’s business.

  • I’ll show you interview techniques that allow you to talk around the bits of your CV where there might be slight weaknesses

  • In short, I’ll help you build a killer, precisely targeted CV that your potential employer will find very hard to ignore.


  • Selling yourself: I’ll identify the gap between your actual achievements and how you are ‘projecting’ those achievements in an interview.

  • Effective communication: I’ll show you how to avoid underselling yourself with ‘low impact’ spoken communication & behavior. I will identify the key elements in your track-record that you must leverage persuasively to influence a positive outcome for the interview.

  • Key achievements: I’ll hone the way you describe the career milestones that you should be proud of: I’ll find & rank-order the big 3 achievements per role, list what sets you apart from your peers. I will make sure they come instantly to mind with the numeric evidence to back them up.

  • Learn how to use ‘sound bites’: you sound self–aware, confident, and, above all, relevant. I’ll give you the language you need.

  • Traps: I will reveal the anxieties, habits or bitter, little complaints that may slip into your interview technique & interfere with your success.

PBP Price

The PBP is a one-to-one programme, involving careful background work & detailed support towards real jobs.


PBP including CV Re-write:  Ask Mary for details

Additional consultations will be charged on a per hour basis +VAT
My diary obviously dictates how many people I can offer PBP to in a month. So please book fast to get seen on a first-come-first-served basis.



I have been extremely impressed with the quality and value of Mary's service. From our initial lengthy interview Mary showed real insight into my experience and circumstances, and helped me gain a much clearer understanding of both my core skills and some of the options open to me to move forward. Her detailed notes were a real help in improving my CV and I have come out of the process with more confidence and a better picture of who I am and what I can offer employers - and with a much clearer and more powerful CV.

However, I have perhaps been most impressed with the continuing relationship I have had with Mary - she has been an ongoing source of guidance and has proactively sought opportunities for me with prospective employers. Many career coaches promise you the earth and deliver a minimal service - Mary has delivered against every promise and exceeded them in many areas. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for help with taking the next step in their career.

W: Senior BBC Producer