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'The importance of choosing the right Employer Brand and Hutton House's contribution to our Doctoral Study'

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As global markets and global companies have become a reality, the war for top talent to help steer, renew and seek growth for such companies has become a global activity too. In other words, global manufacturers such as Apple, Procter and Gamble, GE, as well as service providers such as Accenture and McKinseys, are often seeking talent for their leadership roles from the same talent pool.

This applies also to the recruitment of potential leaders at the graduate recruitment level. In most countries, the same top students from leading universities will be preferentially selected for interview by such companies. The question then becomes: how do potential recruits decide upon which company to join? Equally, what influences a business leader to stay with his or her firm, and what may influence their migration to a competitor or another company in a new industry?

Whilst there is often not one just simple answer to this question, undoubtedly the reputation of the firm, its vision for the future and how it goes about its business will be strongly influential in the recruitment process. The ability to communicate these aspects of a business in an authentic and appealing way to both internal and external stakeholders remains a very significant challenge.

For these reasons, I have interested myself and a number of doctoral students in exploring how the firm’s reputation and its credo can be better presented for external recruitment purposes - as well as for the internal retention of employees at various levels in the organisation. Such research is generally collectively referred to Employer Branding (EB)research and the two papers I present to you on the Hutton House website provides pioneering EB work on both employee recruitment and retention.

Without the help of Mary Stretch, MD of Hutton House Recruitment, our understanding of the issues would have taken much longer and the path much less direct. My PhD students and I owe much to Mary in guiding, directing and helping us uncover the factors that most strongly influence the EB and in providing a strong HR perspective to the marketing aspects of such company branding activities.

We hope you enjoy reading the papers.

Professor Simon Knox
Emeritus Professor of Marketing
Cranfield School of Management.

- Measuring and Managing Employer Brand Image in the Service Industry

- Motivating employees to "live the brand": a comparative case study of employer brand attractiveness within the firm

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