What our clients say ...

First class. Astonishing detail. A genuine partner.

I would be happy to recommend Hutton House Recruitment. Search reports clearly displayed Mary's desire to ensure she identified candidates that could truly add value to the business, deliver extra skills and fit the business culture. Mary gave candid guidance and advice to us to ensure this recruitment was a success on what was a very specific recruitment search. Prior to engaging with Mary we had found this a difficult search, but Mary was able to present three final stage candidates to the business which were all hireable, with the potential to fit elsewhere into the business if the opportunity were available. Mary Stretch is very committed and managed the entire process very effectively. She is flexible to the client's needs and gave us the confidence that once you have given her the search, she will make sure that she closes it to your satisfaction.

Alison Toogood: People Director - Lacoste Chaussures

Mary was a genuine partner for me and my colleagues during our time at Disney. Mary is an insightful recruiter, a clear communicator and was a great advocate for the business and our vision. She has an outstanding eye (and ear) for marketing and sales talent. If you have recruitment needs, I strongly recommend that you talk to her.
David Hollander, MD Dyson UK, formerly MD Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Disney)

Hutton House represents a truly different and truly effective approach to recruiting top talent. L'Oréal has worked with many of the UK's leading large scale marketing recruitment agencies. The small scale and personal approach of Hutton House allows Mary to be much more effective in identifying and engaging with hard to reach and talented individuals.

Mary's network and selective approach allows her to be credible with very demanding, high potential individuals. The significant time she invests in getting to know and understand clients makes her influential and effective in challenging perceptions of employer brands and convincing top calibre people to consider the opportunities she is representing.

The agency has excellent integrity and Mary does not hesitate to give incisive advice safeguarding the interests of both client and candidate through the recruitment process. Hutton House has delivered on the promise many agencies make to be a true recruitment partner and proved that the most important factor in recruitment is quality not quantity.
Alex Snelling, Director, Sourcing Europe at L'Oreal

Throughout the process to recruit a key position in my team, Hutton House has demonstrated the ability to keep pace within an ever-changing industry, that requires an in depth understand of specific technological and commercial issues.

As a recognised market leader in the recruitment field, Hutton House has been able to attract and provide top quality candidates, with the appropriate skills and background in a very specialised businesss area. Unlike most other agencies, Hutton House has acted as a true "business partner", providing an astonishing level of detail for each potential candidate, and very thorough feedback throughout all stages of the recruitment process.
Dan Olliff, Vice President, Paramount Pictures International

Successful talent recruitment continues to be our biggest HR challenge. The challenge becomes a great deal easier when you use Hutton House. They spearhead the process by understanding your specific requirements and deeply understand the role that you are recruiting. Working with Hutton House doesn’t feel like you’re working with an external partner. They become an extension of your own team. They take away all of the time-consuming parts of the process and simply offer you candidates of the highest calibre that fit your business. What more can you ask for?

Hutton House are the first recruitment partner that started working with us by understanding what it is that we do at The Body Shop International, and what makes our business unique. They get under the skin of your brand and use this knowledge to source candidates that are not just experienced for your industry but also the right fit for your business culture.

It will be the easiest recruitment decision you make.
Jonathan Ballinger, HR Director, The Body Shop

I was looking for a specialist recruiter to assist me with a senior digital role for Warner Music International. Mary was successful in finding us the perfect candidate for this role who has already proven himself to be a key contributor to the success of Warner Music's digital transformation going forward.

When selecting a recruiter to work with Warner Music I look for flexibility, market knowledge, honesty, loyalty and a good understanding of our business both commercially and culturally. I am happy to say I have found all of these qualities in Mary and will continue to utilise her expertise with other recruitment needs.
Victoria Carpenter, Recruitment Manager, Warner Music International

"Recruiting within the media industry can be a very challenging and time consuming process, but Hutton House have a good ability to attract and provide top quality candidates, with the appropriate skills, for the demanding and competitive industry in which Universal Pictures International Entertainment operates.

Hutton House, with their personal approach and dedication, have developed a first hand knowledge of our business requirements and the type of high calibre candidates that will succeed in our company’s unique and dynamic culture.

The highly desirable aspects that Hutton House offer include detailed and honest interview reports using our business language, their readiness to point up & discuss candidates’ true abilities, their willingness to work to tight deadlines to uncover desired candidates or targets and the candidate management efforts offered throughout the process.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hutton House Recruitment to any organisation seeking a highly professional, effective recruitment partner.
Susana Garcia Bernal, HR Manager, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Mary provides an excellent service – her background ensures that potential candidates for any position have a very detailed interview, resulting in you seeing the right people for the job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary – a first class service.
Chris Dyde, VP Licensing, Sony

Yakult was delighted by the commitment Mary Stretch demonstrated during the recruitment process which, as clients, we found quite refreshing. All of the candidates were of a high quality and each met the brief in interesting ways – offering us a valuable range of choices. Mary's candour, insights and comments proved helpful during the interview and negotiation process.
Alan Jelly, Marketing Director, Yakult