Why are we chuffed about being a Preferred Supplier?

The market place is occupied by 1000’s of recruiters battling to win client business and to help candidates into new roles. It’s a bit of a jungle! The one thing that separates ‘the men from the boys’ so to speak……is being appointed to the Preferred Supplier List of a world class brand.
Hurray! Our way of doing business at Hutton House won us 12 great PSL spots in 2012.

Preferred Suppliers List:
1. L'Oreal Global
2. L'Oreal UK
3. Lacoste Chaussures
4. ASOS.com
5. Coca-Cola
6. NBC Universal
7. Lucozade
8. Café Direct
9. The Hoxton Hotel
10. Orange
11. Electronic Arts
12. In 2012...London 2012 Olympics!
This can only mean one thing. We’re exceptional, surely?

Why does being a preferred supplier matter?

• It helps our clients focus on the things that matter to them.
• The PSL process is designed to pinpoint the ‘super-pros’.

• Close partnerships produce better results….like a marriage!• Shows we’ve been stripped, scrutinised and are still on top.

• PSL status is a predictor of professionalism.• We offer you more exclusive jobs, more often, from first class brands
• 12 PSLs means 12 times as good, maybe?• Secure revenue streams give us the chance to plan better and offer the best service to everyone we deal with, candidates too.
• It’s the best kind of reference and has to be earned!

• We’ve been rigorously questioned, compared, contrasted…and chosen!