Our Thinking. To share.

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Hutton House Recruitment is a Search, Advertising and Database Selection consultancy that does things a little differently.

For a start, look around our website – the focus is on the fantastic brands we recruit for and the way they make people feel , not on us as a traditional Recruitment Consultancy, trying to make ourselves look corporate, trustworthy and distinguished.

We’re a window to a world of brands! That's what counts.

We’ve evolved our thinking – here’s what we feel strongly about:

• Not everyone can cope with ‘cool’
• Be clear on the Employer Brand. That’s the recruiter’s target.
• Clarify the real job before you start, not just the job description i.e. What’s the attraction and what are the real deliverables today, not yesterday?
• Interview to uncover achievement, not responsibilities
• Honesty is critical. Feedback is not a oneway street
• Look for potential and you achieve retention
• Close relationships and good candidate management inspire trust and protect recruitment investment
• Always provide a spectrum of solutions in your shortlist. Contrast is helpful.