Our four-step search guide

• Stage 1 – Assignment definition
We meet with our client to define the range of the project, characterise and profile the role, and create an individual search strategy. Together, we’ll discuss tactics and target the individuals or companies to chase.

Stage 2 – Research
The search begins. Using our marketing experience and know-how, we network actively, use databases & research tools, advertise anonymously (optional), talk to our industry contacts to populate a new universe of potential candidates. We try to act on evidence that a candidate is outstanding – a great insurance policy for clients in an uncertain world.

• Stage 3 – Recruiting
For every retained search we undertake, we’ll probably talk to 100 potential candidates, interview plenty but only short-list three or four.

We interview thoroughly. During this stage of the search, we take very detailed background notes assessing key criteria, backgrounds, achievements, skills and experience as well as assessing behaviours, attitudes and personalities.

• Stage 4 – Interview, candidate management and hire
Our final shortlist of our outstanding candidates is provided to our clients, along with exhaustive, honest Interview Reports, which highlight how relevant skills and achievements match aspects of your brief, making your interviewing much easier. If there is a shortfall, we say so. Plus, we give recommendations and candid comment. We co-ordinate interviews, arrange feedback and manage salary negotiation.

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